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  • Welcome to Anderson Games a small family organization (that means that the organization is small, not the family!). Anderson Games is the website of Fertang USA Corporation. We currently have just 2 offerings, Fertang, a board game before its time that is a cross between Chess and Checkers (Draughts in the UK), bringing out the best of both to make it easier to understand than chess, but with all of the nuances of strategic play to a very high level, whilst keeping the rules very simple! The second offering is a Hexiamond based puzzle, that will keep you occupied for hours, but with the added frustration of not being able to find one solution when there are over 250 possibilities.


 My passion for games all started at South Wigston High School in Leicester, England around 1964, where I decided to join the Chess Club. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn the game and master something that no one else in the Anderson dynasty had yet managed! Of course in the gaming world there are both winners and losers...[READ MORE]

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